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Marketclub Review

Marketclub is a revolutionary members-only website created by Adam Hewison, the owner of, that offers financial data and it's unique Trade Triangles technology to stock market investors and options traders to help you maximize your trading profits.

There are lots of great features of Marketclub but for me it's the Trade Triangles that really sets this trading service apart from the rest. These unique trade signals are formed automatically on the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly charts and help to determine trends and indicate good entry and exit points.

They can be applied to stocks, forex pairs, commodities and futures with equal precision and can be used in a variety of different ways. The team at Marketclub provide lots of training videos to explain how to get the most of these triangles but a lot of traders like to incorporate these Trade Triangles into their existing trading system in order to only trade those positions that are backed up by the corresponding Trade Triangle signals and maximize their profits.

I will reveal a few of the ways I like to incorporate these Trade Traingles into my own trading shortly but let me first of all provide links to some trading videos from Marketclub which will show these Trade Triangles in action and just how profitable they can be:

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As you can see from the videos above you can use the Trade the Triangle approach on it's own, either using a single time frame or across multiple time frames using the longer-term signals to show the trend and the shorter-term signals for entries and exits.

However for even more success I would personally recommend using them in conjunction with your favourite technical indicators. That way you will see certain Trade Triangle signals that correspond perfectly with your technical analysis, and therefore indicate high probability trades.

For example I'm a big fan of exponential moving averages and like to find stocks where the 20, 50 and 200 period EMAs are all pointing upwards on the monthly (or weekly) charts and therefore indicate a strong upwards trend. I then look to take a long position on any pullback to the shorter-term EMA, ie the EMA (20) on the shorter-term weekly (or daily) charts to get a good entry. So obviously when the price retraces to this indicator and you get a buy signal via the Trade Triangles, this is clearly a very strong trading set-up. 

Similarly if the price has dropped too far and looks well oversold based on a number of technical indicators such as RSI and Stochastics, then an upwards MACD crossover along with a corresponding buy signal generated by Marketclub's Trade Trangles provides a solid confirmation that a reversal is about to take place.

You can plot all of these indicators and many more on the live streaming charts provided by Marketclub, in addition to the Trade Triangles. So by using tried and tested technical indicators as well as these precise Trade Triangles, you are giving yourself every chance to make consistent profits whether you are a long-term investor or whether you are more interested in finding short-term winning futures and options trades.

You can create your own portfolio of shares and other financial instruments and constantly monitor the Trade Triangles on these instruments or you can use the Trade Triangles page to find potential trades for you as this page provides live updates of all the latest signals to be generated (as they happen) on the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly charts of over 230,000 symbols.

Alternatively you can use Marketclub's excellent Smart Scan technology to scan the entire database in order to find potential trades. For example you can search the database to find shares (and other financial instruments) that are in strong upwards or downwards trends, or to find shares that are making 4 week or 52 week highs, for instance. There are lots of different criteria you can enter in order to find suitable trading opportunities.

Overall Marketclub is just an excellent trading service and a highly valuable tool for anyone who trades stocks and options. I'm sure you probably already use a variety of technical indicators to trade the markets, but adding Marketclub's Trade Triangles to your armoury will really help you take your trading profits to the next level because this combination of technical analysis and Trade Triangles is extremely powerful.

You can find out more about Marketclub by clicking here or watching the videos above, but if you do decide to join Marketclub, make sure you do so through this special link in order to claim 2 additional months completely free of charge.